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Hi All! My name is Christine Labaza. I am based in Southeast Michigan, and I have a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For my entire life, I dreamed about being a scuba diver. I was finally able to make that dream come true after I graduated from college in 2014. After signing up for a Maldives Liveaboard trip, Bud Uren and Heather Sellick of US Scuba and Travel showed me a used camera system. Having been inspired several years earlier by Gug Underwater, I knew that underwater photography would be a hobby that I would enjoy. I bought the camera system, and spent a lot of time pestering Bud and Heather about photographic techniques underwater, and they gladly answered all of my questions. I seriously love exploring the beautiful and strange world below the surface and  bringing the adventure to everyone. When I am not taking photographs, you can find me creating exciting things for my other endeavor: CERKL Creations, where I make costumes, props and fashion.

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